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Toronto Beer Run

These are a few of my favourite things....

This Sunday I ran the Toronto Beer Run, part of the Canadian Beer Run Series (@CanadaBeerRun). I have been running this event since the beginning. Now in it's fourth year in Toronto, this is one of my favourite events of the year.

My friend Tracy likened the race to beer tick-or-treating as we sat enjoying tall cans of 3 Speed at the Amsterdam Brewhouse. They were the house on your street that gives out full-size chocolate bars.

The distance changes every year as they add new brewery stops and change the route but the total distance ranges from 9 to 13 Km. The distance is advertised before registration, except for 2015 when there was a last minute change adding over 2 Km (and an extra brewery) to avoid the Sky Dome area due to playoff baseball. This year there were 6 brewery stops, including the start and finish, with the longest running stretch being 2.5 Km.

At each brewery/brew pub there are volunteers who are happily handing out beers to the runners as we make a short rest stop before moving onto to the next beer. Without these volunteers the run would not go nearly as smoothly as it does and they should be thanked for all of their hard work and having to deal with large groups of sweaty and progressively drunk runners as the day goes on. Unfortunately, not all of the runners treat these volunteers with the respect they deserve and this is upsetting as they are who/what makes the event happen. To all of the volunteers who are reading this – THANK YOU!!!

best beers of the day

Milkshake IPA by 3 Brasseurs (stop 3)

Prodromus by Omnipollo (celebratory post-run beer at Bier Markt)

Want to join in the fun next year? Stay tuned for a registration announcement in spring 2018.

#beer #running

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