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Why I Run

Growing up I always played soccer, but I was never interested in simply running for running’s sake. I was the kid who opted to do the 100m dash during track and field so I could be done running as quickly as possible. Little did I realize that 20 years later I would become a seasoned half marathon runner and LOVE IT!

I started "just running" when I moved back to my hometown and decided I was going to get back into playing soccer with my friends. I joined the Learn to Run program at the Whitby Running Room in February 2012 with the full intention to finish this 8 week program and be (mostly) ready to play soccer that spring. But over the course of those next 8 weeks, I fell in love with running. I think I was the most shocked to discover this new love – I had always said “I only run if I am chasing a soccer ball” and now here I was signing up for the 5 Km clinic. After the 5 Km clinic was the 10 Km and that fall I signed up for the Half Marathon clinic. Just over a year after I started my running journey I was preparing for my first half marathon.

Sure, there are days when I do not love running. There are even some days when I think I hate it, but I keep on going because when I am done my run I feel great. I may be sore and tired but I always feel better after a run.

I usually tell people running keeps me semi-sane – I can work through a lot on a run. Sometimes I run with a group, sometimes I run alone, but I always get something out of my run besides the cardio. And since my best friend has 2 small children, we often end up catching up while running.

Coming full circle to the girl who opted for the 100m dash, I now realize that this body was built for distance and not speed. I will likely never win a race but I will always cross that finish line and get my medal.

I fully believe that anyone can run - you just have to get up and get out there.


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