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Challenge 2018 ... Not Quite What I Expected

Pull up a chair and get yourself a beverage - this is a bit of a long read.

As a mostly private person this post was very difficult to write. I have rewritten and tossed out many drafts trying to find the right balance between openness and privacy, so here goes nothing (and everything).

My medical crisis

At the end of January I scared the f&#@ out of everyone I know. I was found in my home unresponsive and in a coma - at 35 years young. After working on me for well over an hour, the doctors told my parents to call in my immediate family as they could not keep a heart beat or a regular pulse. My family gathered around hoping for a miracle.

We now know that I had some sort of infection (bladder, kidney, etc) that led to a blood infection. This in turn made my blood glucose skyrocket sending me into a diabetic coma. And this led to a heart attack as well as kidney failure.

I spent 6 days in the coma with my body struggling to regain function. During this time my sister-in-law played 90’s dance music on my pillow to try and get me to respond, my best friend yelled at me and told me this was not allowed – she was not ready to be done. I was hooked up to a respirator, feeding tube and 24 hour dialysis. Being so young and in reasonably good shape, I woke up from the coma with no deficits and was moved from the ICU to the cardiac care ward.

My progress so far

After a few weeks of monitoring, complete recovery of my kidney function and a clear angiogram I was discharged from the hospital to continue getting back to being me from the comfort of mom and dad’s house.

I have worked hard to build back the strength I lost laying in a bed for weeks. Beginning on my second day in the cardiac ward when the physio team stopped by to start getting me moving again. The goal that day was to get me sitting up in a chair, which seemed like it should be a piece of cake. Let me tell you it definitely was not - it took 2 physiotherapists to assist me moving 2 feet into a chair and it was exhausting!

Later that week, they had me start using a walker and from then on there was no stopping me - I am coming for you Cleveland.

I have a host of new doctors and a calendar full of appointments but I am getting stronger every day. I have obviously had to adjust my goals for this year (stay tuned for an upcoming post in goal adjustment) and will not be completing the challenge series but I am looking forward to my annual trek to Cleveland and participating in the 5k - a new event for me in Cleveland.

I am off to go walk the mall – until next time…

#running #Cleveland #runCLE

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