Jenn 2.0

May 4, 2018

I have just passed the 3 month anniversary of the beginning of my coma and lately I have been pretty busy getting back to being myself, or rather Jenn 2.0.


As we get closer and closer to my big goal of walking in Cleveland – just over 2 weeks away…my days have been filled with new challenges and a few personal victories. 



Mom and I officially mall walked - we got up early and walked around the mall while the stores were closed with a large gathering of senior citizens. While walking laps of the mall I frequently got passed by my fellow walkers, many of whom were clearly double my age.  Needless to say, my ego took a pretty big hit on account of my competitive streak.


I have also started a new job. With this comes the joys of scheduling and once again being accountable to someone other than my 2 doggies.


At dinner tonight my youngest brother not so gently reminded me that I am the only child (as well as the oldest) who has moved home twice. But I am finally gearing up to move back to my house next week.



I finally hit 10,000 steps for the first time post-coma on April 14th and I have done so a few more times since then.


I walked my first full 5k since waking up from the coma. While it wasn’t as easy as I would have liked, I did it and finished “upright and smiling” to borrow the words of our old running store manager. 


And perhaps my favourite victory, I got to accompany my mom as she completed her first 5k walk. I think we might have her hooked.


Stay tuned for more updates as I continue my journey to #runCLE and beyond....




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