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Late to the Party

As usual I am late to the party and a few weeks behind in getting started with the blog (and my training) for 2019. I am fully blaming this brutally cold weather and large piles of snow for my lack of motivation. But I am going on the record right here and now to say the time for slacking off is over we are only 108 days away. I am starting up my training this week with any luck will have things back on track in a few weeks.

My new shoes are finally out of the box...

Personally, 2019 is a year of redemption. I have big dreams and I am working towards some pretty large goals this year. Beginning with #runCLE weekend - I just signed up for the Challenge Series at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon – 8 Km on Saturday, half marathon on Sunday.

They say a goal without a plan is just a dream, well I am in full-on planning mode right now to make sure that 2019 is every bit as amazing as I want it to be. Stay tuned for more details as the details begin to fall in place.

For the next few weeks my training consists of 2 bootcamp classes, 3 short runs, and at least 1 yoga class. Unfortunately the Canadian winter weather means that much of my cardio is going to be indoors on the treadmill - ugh! Please send me your recommendations for podcasts or tv shows that will entertain/distract me from the dreadmill.

Only 108 days until #CleveMarathon weekend! Register today and use code JMerlin2019 to save 10% and join me - prices go up on February 10th.

#Cleveland #training #halfmarathon #runCLE

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