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Finally Hitting Double Digit Mileage

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Did you sport some green on your run this morning?

Photo: I found an old pic of me running in green at #runCLE 2017

While there was no pot of gold at the end of my run this morning - I finally hit double digit distance today with a 10 km run. Super late on the training schedule but I have adjusted the schedule and will make it work. I am coming for redemption in Cleveland.

This winter weather that has been hanging on for dear life finally seems to be retreating and there were only a few small ice patches out there this morning (and no falls!!!). As is the case for this time of the year I was quite warm by the end of the run. It is challenging to accurately predict how many layers will be required. This morning we saw runners out in full balaclavas still. I might be running in the great white north but that was definitely not necessary. I even feel like I got a bit of colour on my cheeks from the sun today. It was great to feel the sun shining on my face!

From here on out I vow to keep up with my training schedule and be (mostly) ready for the challenge series in Cleveland in 9 weeks! On the schedule for this week three 5 km runs and 2 weight training sessions.

Just in case you need another reminder - it’s only 9 weeks to go until #CleveMarathon weekend! What are you waiting for? Register and use code JMerlin2019 to save 10% and join me - prices go up on April 19th.

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