First Race/Run of the Season

Well, the weather continues to dog our training and our first race of the season was rainy and wet as should have been expected. We even got hailed on a bit during the race!

This was my first year doing Shayne's Shore Run and I can happily say that it is an event that I will do again and again. It was a small local race with a fairly flat course, nice scenery, good food at the finish and really cool medals (woods?).

It was also G's first "adult" race (read: 5 km) - can you tell he is excited in the photo bomb? He has done a number of kids races but this was his first time out doing the full 5 km with us and he loved it - especially the donuts at the end!!!

Shayne's Shore Run supports the Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Clinic at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health. This run was started by Shayne's parents to honour their son, Shayne, a local youth who had grown to old for the adolescent program and there was no other program for him. Here's a bit of info about the program.

The TAY Clinic was developed to meet the needs of youth 16 - 24 years of age, to intervene early, to provide appropriate navigation and support and provide options other than suicide. With an increase awareness in suicide prevention, treatment options and shorter wait lists it is possible to make a difference and save a life. Had TAY been in existence when our 17 year old son was told he had "aged out of the adolescent" program and there was nothing more they could do for him, perhaps his life would not have ended so soon or so tragically.

One in five Canadians (20%) will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime. The onset for most mental illnesses (70%) emerges during the adolescent - young adult years. There is a growing need to increase the awareness and reduce the STIGMA associated with adolescent and adult mental illnesses, as well as improve the accessibility for treatment for families and individuals seeking the help they need when they need it. Ontario Shores has identified child and youth mental health as a key priority for future growth and their specialized services have been overburdened by a surge in referrals.

Keeping our fingers crossed for some better weather soon....

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