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This Weather Sucks

WTF Mother Nature? It's March 31st and it is not supposed to look like this outside - flowers should be starting to sprout their little green selves out of the ground, grass should be greening up and their should not be inches of fresh snow over night.

Although we shouldn't really be surprised, the weather for this entire training cycle has been terrible. It started out we weeks on end of ice which mean many training runs on the dreadmill. but this takes the cake - we had to cut our run short today as it was too slippy.

All of this bad weather has been playing with my head as I gear up for what I have been calling my redemption run - my first half marathon since the coma. It's been almost 2 years since |I have ran that far and I really need to get the long runs in to convince myself that I can still do it. Side note: I know that I can (remember me telling the physiotherapist on my first walk) but sometimes I am doubtful.

We are happy to be done!

Here's hoping for better weather for the next 6 weeks to get those long runs in before #runCLE weekend.

Only 49 days until #CleveMarathon weekend! Register today and use code JMerlin2019 to save 10%.

#training #runCLE #running #halfmarathon

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